Silicon Mix Bambu Sleek Look 250ml


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Silicon Mix Bambú Laciador Sleek Look Spray balances the moisture content and locks the humidity. This nutritional formula enriched with Bamboo extract, Vitamins E, C and F, Safflower oil and Almond oil transforms curly, frizzy, dry hair into elegant style hair and protects it from damage caused by hair dryers. Let the hair shine, make it smooth and lint-free.

People with dry hair in particular notice that their hair sheds in damp weather. The Silicon Mix Laciador Sleek Look Spray prevents hair from fluffing.



Important: Shake well before use! In the meantime, shake well with every spray.

Apply to dry or towel dry hair. Do not rinse. Style the hair as desired with the hair dryer.


For a perfect method:

Step 1: Wash the hair with a Silicon Mix Shampoo of your choice. (Rinse with plenty of water)

Step 2: Use a Silicon Mix Deep Conditioner hair treatment of your choice. (Rinse with plenty of water)

Step 3: Treat the hair with a Silicon Mix Leave-in conditioner of your choice (Do not rinse)

During step 3, for example, you can use large hair rollers that you can use for 25 minutes under the drying hood or you can dry the hair with a hair dryer at a low temperature.

Step 4: When the hair is dry, divide the hair into different sections. Straight hair is best achieved by dividing your hair into different sections, so you know for sure that you have had every piece of hair.

Spray only a small amount of Silicon Mix Laciador Sleek Look per section on the hair and blow-dry directly with the hair dryer and brush.

The way you blow-dry your hair determines how style your hair will eventually become. It is important to have the head of the blower point down during the blow-drying process to prevent fluffy hair.

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Silicon Mix Bambu Sleek Look 250ml


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